Pre Development, Pre Production & Special Project Adjustable Dampers

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We Make Exceptional Dampers Aiding Your Suspension Design

"We would like to offer you, and your team, a big thank you for your sterling work in getting these dampers and struts ready for us - I am hugely impressed and extremely grateful"

"Spax shock absorbers are a vast improvement on the Koni Classics. The quality of the ride overall is far better. In particular the jarring on bounce is eliminated - giving a superior ride."

Our core expertise is the design and build of hydraulic and gas pressurised dampers. When designing and testing a new project many manufacturers choose to fit Spax Single, or Double, Adjustable Dampers so that suspension can be quickly tuned and adjusted (on vehicle - by hand) during Development and Pre-Production. Use of adjustable dampers (with the range of adjustment agreed with our engineers) will greatly reduce typical development test times. Alterations to damping response can be made following real time test driver feedback, with the the resulatant changes to ride and handling immediately verified as improvements are made. Once the intial test settings have been finalised, to give broadly satisfactory characteristics, Spax adjustables can then be used to fine tune the suspension to match individual driving styles and conditions.

spax shock absorbers provide 28 stages of damping response adjustment

Spax is a globally recognised brand, having adaptive product ranges suited to many applications, both automotive and industrial. In vehicle applications, products vary from lightweight aluminum racing dampers to heavy duty dampers for commercial vehicles. Complementing our catalogued products we currently manufacture equipment for OEM applications including iconic British sports cars, specialist vehicles, road sweepers (ground and steering suspension), lifeboat and rigid inflatable seat dampers, crop sprayer booms and industrial oven doors, as well as many one-off design projects. Our dampers are all designed and hand-built, to meticulous standards, by our loyal and experienced workforce in Oxfordshire.

spax dampers used for diverse industrial applications

The factory is audited and certified by the TüV standards agency for the “development and production of suspension components”, demonstrating compliance with National and International standards and ensuring product quality. We will work with you to produce the optimum damper for your application, dimensionally and in terms of performance. Our Engineers will design your ideal solution and we can valve the shock to provide exactly the, adjustable, response required to achieve unequalled high speed cornering, shorter stopping distances and maximum fade resistance.

We will work in partnership with you to design and supply adjustable dampers, with a broad range of characteristics, which offer the best platform for vehicle testing and proving. Your engineers and test drivers can change damping response settings, quickly and easily on car, so they can evaluate in real time the optimum settings to enusre a particular vehicle drives and handles to the very best of its' ability. Once testing is complete and we receive feedback we can, if desired, supply hand made, fixed rate dampers for production cars.

spax dampers used on Riversimple Rasa Hydrogen Fuel Cell car

Spax have a highly flexible manufacturing facility, with audit trails that identify the history and provenance of every part and we can produce short run, bespoke, dampers in just a few days ensuring we are a popular choice for so many clients.

Bespoke Dampers We manufacture to your specification

We have customers from every industry niche, with requests for bespoke dampers and coil-over shocks to fit all kinds of machinery. Spax CSX / KSX and TrakSpax shocks are option-based, customer-specified dampers, built to order, providing upgraded, adjustable damping to ensure the best possible suspension set-up and tuning to driving style and prevailing conditions.

If you wish us to develop Dampers specifically for your application, then our engineers are waiting to hear from you!

  • Hand Built to your specification
  • Coil-over or Telescopic Dampers
  • Single or Double Adjustable
  • Dyno Tested Prior to Dispatch
1959 Spax Founded
5000 Catalogued Products
8660 Custom Damper Options
1900 Typical Damper Moves Per Mile


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